Our Services


    Let your home be the one that stands out in a crowd. Stage Right Now will evaluate your property inside and out. We walk with you through your home and point out things that need to be changed, edited, moved, or rearranged to improve each room’s overall appearance. We provide suggestions on creating a focal point and bringing out the best features of each room as well as suggest any home improvements or upgrades needed. Contact us to get more information on our walk and talk staging consultation services and fees.


    Your home should be a reflection of who you are. It should nurture you, bring you comfort, and make you happy. A staging professional will conduct a thorough walk-thru of your home to assess what needs to be done. We work with your furniture and accessories (you would be surprised on what you have in your home that we can use) and rearrange, depersonalize and emphasize your home’s best features and focal points for selling. Only when necessary, do we bring in our own accessories to ensure that your home is dressed to sell and that it makes a good first impression to buyers. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you with our occupied home staging service.


    We stage your home with rental furniture and accessories to make your home more visually attractive. Almost 90% of home buyers cannot visualize how their furniture will fit in an empty room. By staging a visually pleasing space home buyers can conceptualize how their furniture and accessories will work in a room. Contact us for more information or pricing for our vacant home staging service.


    This service uses scenes to stage a vacant room/home. This is also a great service for investors. By using minimal or no furniture and using accessories to set an inviting scene, scene staging provides a purpose to a room. Our scenes allow home buyers to visualize how a room can be used and how they may live in that room without just looking at a vacant room. Contact us on how you can use scene staging in your vacant home.


    Want a fresh look? Are your rooms looking unfinished? We will work with your furniture and accessories and give your rooms a new look. We use your items from throughout your home to create new furniture arrangements, floor plans and then accessorize your rooms to create flow, interest and most importantly a room that fits your lifestyle. Contact us for a free phone estimate on our redesign services.